Being professional is our greatest asset.

We do not measure efforts in the training, appreciation, satisfaction and well-being of our contributors, in any place of the world, we never forget our social responsibility in the face of society. Evolving in technologies and technical resources we maintain our place of prominence in the market where we guarantee excellence in the realization of the services of Outsourcing, Temporaries and Management, both for short or long term demands.

We have a specialized team of Human Resources consisting of a different range of professionals in the area of Recruitment & Selection and Technical Framework, such as: HR analysts and psychologists, technical managers and engineers. So, we serve the entire Onshore and Offshore market in the Oil & Gas segment, ensuring excellence in quality of service.

We narrowed the relationship with our customers in order to facilitate access to the information of professionals. We have a full and exclusive service, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that reflects the responsibility and concern of our corporation. In addition to providing online facilitators, where employees can access quickly, easily and transparently, necessary data at any time.

In our Professional Management service for small or large demands, we include the entire professional cycle of collaborator (Recruitment & Selection, hiring, setting, training, career planing, welfare & Family, document management, payroll management & benefits, catering, logistics, agency services, immigration, among others).
In this way, our customers can focus on their core business.

Through Law No. 6.019, regulated by the Ministry of Labor, ZARPA has the certification that licenses services provided with temporary professionals. We also develop customized designs for adjustments to foreign flag vessels in accordance with RN 6 (Normative Regulation No. 6, of October 10, 2006).

With an extensive and diversified database of candidates and a specialized team, we offer professionals outsourced, Brazilians and foreigners with all certifications and endorsements, in accordance to the various levels of requirements and costs.

We present some of the functions present in our portfolio

Oil and gas